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Considering Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Memphis

Are you weighing your options on wood floors or even the hardwood flooring? Gaining some fundamental knowledge on wood and hardwood floor refinishing in Memphis will significantly help you in coming up with a well-suited decision.

As wood floors are timeless, elegant, and unique, they create a warm and comfortable space. Although many wood types come from various species, finishes, and cuts, wood floor has two primary types: engineered wood flooring and hardwood flooring. Let us have a brief overview of the two.

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Engineered wood flooring consists of a thin piece of hardwood placed on top of as superior quality plywood. The process of construction prevents expanding and contracting when a change of temperature happens. It is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. It can also be the right choice for below-grade pavements.

naturally looks the same as the hardwood flooring
Easy to install and easy to maintain
Typically lasts  20-40 years if of excellent quality
You can sand and refinished once or twice throughout its lifetime, depending on how thick the veneer.
Shorter lifespan compared to hardwood flooring.
Prone to discoloration
Not scratch resistant
Plank Thickness 3/8 - 9/16 inch
12-60 inches in length
Installation can be nail down, floating, or glue down

Hardwood Flooring is distinctly made from a single “all wood” piece of wood. Since it is solid, it can be sanded and refinished multiple times. The downside of which is its susceptibility to changes in humidity. It is not advised for below-grade pavements and ideally used for living rooms and bedrooms.

Improves the value of your home
Wear Resistant
Lifespan of 30-100 years
High installation Cost
It is not waterproof and warps in humid, damp condition
It is not scratch resistant
Prone to mold and termite
Plank Thickness 3/4  inch
12-84 inches in length
Installation can be nail down, tongue and groove

Because it has gained traction due to its inherent and natural beauty, finished or unfinished, it gives the natural feel. It can take you to a time spent in the outdoors, bringing you closer to nature. It is like nature brought home. Not only that, its added value feature makes your home or your property appreciate over time, and what’s more, it increases the rate of reselling probability. Having read all these, and yet you find yourself leaning towards having a hardwood restoration for your old hardwood flooring as well. Find the right hardwood floor refinishers in Memphis for this project.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Memphis and Installation

Installation, especially of the hardwood flooring, is a significant step in the construction; thus should be laid and done correctly and by experts to ensure the floors are structurally sound. This will help prevent separation, sagging, or buckling of the planks. Though DIY wood flooring installations can be done with other types as well as hardwood flooring installation, which is usually done by nail or staple,  in cases where fastening through tongue and groove can’t be done due to space, end pieces are face nailed. This will require a piece of special equipment. These are instances where you will need professional installers. To avail of the services of a professional can be well worth the cost. They work fast, and they know the complexities of the construction procedure. Time is of value. Opting to do it yourself will take more time. Hiring pros and specialists can be a more cost-effective way to install or refinish wood floor.

Consult with the experts of Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Memphis. Get guaranteed professional and top-rated flooring installation and services. We guarantee intense customer satisfaction and executes spotless after-sales service.

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