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Flooring is one of your property’s essential parts, demands the best flooring experts in or around the city. With Top Flooring Memphis you need not worry about the right experts for your property. We’re flooring professionals who have been in the business for decades and have mastered the art of beautifying floors and delivering impeccable floorings to our clients.

With our services of flooring in Memphis TN, we carry a complete line of floor care products to provide exemplary:
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Flooring options are more different and offer unique choices, textures in a great number of ways for construction and materials. They are of kind characteristics that can be ideal for a project.

We present you with high-end ideas to help you get started on your project. We start by recommending our professional flooring solution Memphis staff. There is no equivalent for professional advice of season professionals, particularly around your area. Our staff will have an idea of your one-of-a-kind conditions of your region and how they affect your decision-making.

Epoxy flooring Memphis
It is a unique way to coat your floors, making your workspace safe, tough, and beautiful. Epoxy floors are becoming widely known, there are many advantages of putting epoxy flooring in your home.
Easy to maintain
Very tough
Provides good friction (safety)
Shiny look
It is worth mentioning that the only drawback is the level of difficulty of installing it. A very time-consuming project and very complex. Most of the time, some professionals decline this kind of project and would often call or hire a professional epoxy company if they do it. Buying DIY kits is fun but will provide low quality and the results are not satisfying. Before completely starting with this project, the ground must be clean and no debris or any hindrance before epoxy paint will be applied. You will have to buy or rent a grinding machine to smoothen the concrete so that the epoxy will stick. There are a lot of fun projects, but installing a floor epoxy is the only exception.

Epoxy flooring usages and benefits
Epoxy floor coatings are basically needed for industrial and commercial flooring. Epoxy floors are spread over concrete floors to make the surface last a lifetime, make it smooth and shiny. Many companies use epoxy floors to keep safety conditions for workers, inventory, and equipment.

Preparing for Epoxy Floor Coating.
An epoxy coating has to have a clean surface and slightly permeable to stick properly. Before applying the epoxy floor coating, the floor has to be fully cured. It is worth mentioning to cover and repair all cracks and remove all grease.

If the concrete is not new, check for previously applied epoxy that might have been applied before. To check if the surface is applicable for sealant, pour a small amount of liquid. It should penetrate the surface, if not, it might not be suited for epoxy coating.

Be sure that the temperature is suitable, otherwise, it would create a bubble and peeled easily. You have a limited amount of time to apply the epoxy right before it becomes hard.

Epoxy Primer Formulas
Just like any other paint, a primer has to be added before the final coat. It is basically the same principle. Inputting the primer, put a thin layer of water on the floor, and wait for it to be dry. Apply the final coat without the water layer.

Benefits of Coating Epoxy Floor.
It offers many advantages in comparison to other conventional coatings put over concrete.
Increases the brightness of the interior
Can endure heavy foot traffic
Easy to apply, doesn’t require tools
Tough and easy to clean
Practical for industrial and warehouse application.
Resistant to water and oil stains
Prevents damage on concrete floors
Can be applied on any flat surface
Doesn’t need a lot of maintenance