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Most people like polished concrete because of its texture and durability. Yet, add some flair that blends the polished concrete floor with the rest of the house.

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Our stunning interior style at concrete polishing in Memphis TN

Concrete may be found practically everywhere; no matter where you look, you'll come across structures made of it. It's the sidewalk you walk on, the park bench you sit on, and the walls that keep you safe from the outside world. Polished concrete is a type of concrete commonly used on floors in the United States. It now comes in various vivid patterns and more unusual designs, thanks to advancements in infrastructure and construction. That is why our concrete polishing in Memphis is well worth the investment. 

Because your usual concrete color is the greyish-white you see outside, choosing the right flooring style to complement the rest of the house might be difficult. Deciding to go with polished concrete is an exciting one, especially if this is your first home. When you get the design of the entire floor space to complement one another, it will feel like a huge accomplishment.

Our Concrete Floor Polishing in Memphis Offers Floor Designs

The type of flooring you choose can have as big of an impact on the overall look of your home as any other interior design aspect. Our floor polishing in TN offers you various concrete floor patterns to consider:

Concrete Stains: The most widespread design is concrete stain when it comes to flooring. It can be stained to give it a rich color. No matter how long the structure has been there, the colors remain vivid. You can choose from our wide range of stain colors. You have complete freedom in deciding whatever patterns you wish to mix and match.

Stains are anything but boring because you can use techniques like saw cuts and stenciling to create the design you want. The colors can be increased by altering the stain solution, and the texturing process can be used to create patterns.

Painted concrete: This design is both beautiful and challenging. Preparing painted concrete requires a significant amount of time. The plan is drawn out using special floor paint. As difficult as they may appear, the ultimate results speak for themselves.

Wood or boardwalk designs: If you're going for a more rustic look, a wood pattern will look great on your floor. The method is known in French as faux bois or 'fake wood,' and it refers to the look of wood's characteristics embossed on concrete—two very different materials. Our experts at concrete polishing in Memphis can duplicate the look of wood in more effective methods. The patterns are now printed using stamping, scoring, and staining techniques. Another kind is the natural grains of actual fabric to leave their imprint on the concrete's surface.

Roman slate – What better way to commemorate concrete's heritage as one of the first building materials than with a Roman-inspired pattern? Although this pattern is more commonly found in public locations such as shops or parks that feature Roman architecture, having it in your home isn't a bad idea. It offers your home a historical sense as well as a high-end appearance. Similar to the stone/sandstone pattern, this looks best when utilized as outdoor flooring, especially if you have a garden.

Although it may not appear so, using our concrete polishing in Memphis designs can produce incredible results.

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We at concrete polishing in Memphis have you covered, whether you want bare polished concrete or you want to express your creativity! You can trust us to supply goods on schedule and install high-quality flooring at a reasonable price. Our crew complies with strict safety standards, and you can rest assured that we are experts in our field, both in terms of materials and installation processes.